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What is Mercedes me Adapter? Is my Mercedes-Benz eligible for Mercedes me Adapter installation?

Mercedes me Adapter connects your Mercedes-Benz through a smartphone app. This allows you to link your vehicle where you can:

- Parking and locating – Ever forgotten where you parked? Use the "Parking and Locating" function to check your vehicle's location and the remaining parking time. Find car parks with opening hours and prices.

- Maintenance - Get reminders for regular checks such as oil changes or service appointments. 3 Point Motors has your vehicle details, enabling us to send you personalised offers.

- Vehicle operation status - Keep an eye on your vehicle status, e.g., fuel level and range. Use the app. to conveniently contact 3 Point Motors by phone or email at any time.

- Cockpit mode - Individually configure your extended cockpit and get technical data displayed in real time, e.g., throttle valve position or oil temperature.

- Driver Score - Analyse your driving style based on your acceleration and braking, and have this displayed live in cockpit mode.

- Vehicle log – Tax time? See your journeys at a glance and then export. Categorise your journeys such as business or pleasure.

- TIDAL HiFi Access - music streaming service (it is free for 3 months with your Mercedes account)

It only take 3 steps to fit the Mercedes me Adapter.

Step 1: Download the Mercedes me Adapter App on your smartphone

Step 2: Create Mercedes me Adapter account

Step 3: Book online to install the Mercedes me Adapter

Book online today with 3 Point Motors to install your Mercedes me Adapter for FREE.

Click on the link below to book. Follow the prompts and you are on the way.

The Mercedes me Adapter can be used in many Mercedes-Benz models, some cases going as far back as 2002. The following table indicates the compatible models and models series. Further models/model series will gradually be approved for use with Adapter.

* The list of models series may differ from country to country.

Is your vehicle eligible?

ModelModel SeriesBuild/Year
A-Class169, 176, 1772004-2012/2018
B-Class245, 2462005onwards
C-Class204, 2052007 - 2012/2018
C-Class Cabriolet2052012 - 2016/2018
C-Class Coupé204, 2052011 - 2012/2018
CL20162006 - 2014
CLS218, 2192004 - 2017
E-Class211, 212, 2132002 - 2012 / 2018
E-Class Cabriolet207, 2382010 - 2012 / 2018
E-Class Coupé207, 2382009 - 2012/2018
G-Class46307/2012 - 06/2018
GL/GLS164, 1662006 - 2018
GLA1562013 onwards
GLC Coupé2532016 onwards
GLE1662015 - 2018
GLE Coupé2922015 onwards
M-Class2922005 - 2015
R-Class2512005 - 2017
S-Class221, 2222005 - 2012/2018
S-Class Cabriolet2172012 - 2015/2018
S-Class Coupé2172012 - 2014/2018
SL2312012 onwards
SLK & SLC171, 1722003 onwards
SLS AMG1972009 - 2014

Terms & Conditions

* There is no charge for Mercedes me Adapter fitment. This offer ends 30 June 2021 and only at 3 Point Motors.
The offer for free use of the TIDAL music streaming service is limited to a period of 3 months from registration and ends automatically. Registration with TIDAL must be completed by 21.08.2021 unless extended. A fully connected, operating Mercedes me Adapter is required in order for Mercedes me Adapter app customers to take advantage of this offer. This means registering on the Mercedes me Portal, downloading the Mercedes me Adapter app to the smartphone, connecting the Mercedes me Adapter with a Mercedes-Benz Partner and setting it up. The offer is available for specific compatible Mercedes Benz model series produced in 2002 or later (market-specific variations must be taken into account) in Australia. Availability of the offer also depends on the availability of the TIDAL app in the relevant country. TIDAL HiFi is provided by Aspiro AB trading as TIDAL music streaming not by Mercedes-Benz and is subject to the TIDAL terms and conditions. Mercedes-Benz and accepts no legal responsibility for the TIDAL application, website, any information supplied or any goods or services provided by TIDAL.